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family-ski-resortsConnect this season’s crowds to the slopes in a proactive and innovative way through mobile. With PeachText, the mountain resorts industry can deliver automated snow reports, promotional marketing messages and targeted, on-mountain messaging straight to the modern mountain fanatics phone. With endless features and ideas, PeachText provides a wealth of options for ski resorts looking to engage today’s snow-obsessed, on-the-go crowd.

At PeachText we have worked with the Ski Industry. Our employees are avid visitors of the slopes and know first hand what will get your customer’s attention. That means we have developed some unique marketing ideas that are designed just for Ski Areas.

How Will SMS Grow Your Ski Business?

Target skiers with regular mountain news on slope & weather conditions.
Provide alert reminders for special events.
Offer discounts for ski equipment and lessons for new skiers.
Promote rewards for skiers who post on social media about their ski experience.  

Why Choose SMS?

The Facts Speak For Themselves!

Here's the skinny on text marketing.

Out of all other marketing solutions, what makes texting perfect for ski resorts?

  • Everyone can receive text messages.
  • Over 90% of all texts are read within the first five minutes of delivery.
  • The average American looks at their cell phone 150+ times a day.
  • 70% of Americans want to receive mobile offers from their favorite businesses.
  • It’s affordable. At just pennies per text, it’s cost effective.

These benefits just scratch the surface. Our platform also offers unparalleled customer support, user friendly features, and educational tools that empower you to succeed.

Text message alerts help ski resorts stay in contact with visitors and ensure their resort stays on the top of their minds, plus customers love being kept up to date with mountain conditions and special offers so it’s a win-win. While the examples here have been all about ski resorts, text message alerts are a simple, effective way for any holiday or recreation destination to engage consumers and keep them coming back over and over again.

Get started with text marketing for your SKI RESORT!!!

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