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PeachText provides revolutionary mobile marketing tools for event promoters & venues allowing you to affordably communicate via mobile phone text messaging to a large audience. With PeachText’s event marketing system youcan easily give hundreds (or even thousands) of customers attending your events the opportunity to opt-in and learn about future events and promotions.

By nature promoters, and event venues require certain tools and features in order to be successful with text messaging marketing. PeachText has developed a system to give you all the tools and features needed to properly run your campaigns.

PeachText works with some of the biggest names in promotions and has developed a set of tools that will empower promoters and event venues to harness the effectiveness of mobile marketing and take it to new levels. We are staffed with specialists that deal directly in your area and will provide you the level of support you require.

PeachText offers you more ways to promote your business then any other system on the market. With over 50 plus combined years in the bar, nightclub, restaurant & promoter industry and hundreds of local and franchise bars, clubs and restaurants throughout the country PeachText is, without question, the leader in text messaging for promoters. Our proven programs will GUARANTEE you results like never before. Not only do we provide you with the fastest and most reliable texting services, but, you will also enjoy knowing that all our accounts also include email newsletter service, facebook integration, twitter support, sign up forms for your web site, QR Code builder and much more.

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