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PeachTextClose-shot of a tablet computer displaying financial data, three allows agency clients to speak directly to their target consumers in a way that no other medium can. Integrating text messaging alerts, discounts, and event notifications into current advertising campaigns allows for instant consumer response and creates a new customer experience. Tracking those responses allows you both to begin a conversation with the consumer and collect data to analytically interpret the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Whatever your specific needs are, PeachText has your solution.

With PeachText, you can setup a keyword on a dedicated shortcode or on a shared shortcode, that can be included in all of your clients’ advertising campaigns. Target consumers simply text the chosen keyword to the shortcode to immediately subscribe and/or receive a coupon or any other marketing message in return. For multiple accounts, we can setup a master login through which you can manage all your clients’ lists. To learn more, see our complete text messaging features list.

For Advertising Agencies, we offer multiple options including “Agency” accounts that allow you to have multiple client accounts under your master login and give you full control over each. If you seek even more customization, we offer complete White-Label private solutions. The Private Label Solution allows your agency re-brand our entire platform with your look-and-feel. You have control over every aspect of the account, keywords, shortcodes, billing, account permissions – Everything.

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