About Us

PeachText helps businesses succeedadvanceprogressgrowexpand with Text Message Marketing.

PeachText made its bones so to speak by helping Restaurants, Bars and Night Clubs use Text Messaging to increase sales.  We’ve become specialists in the field of text message marketing.  Today, with over a decade of experience we continue to innovate, educate and advocate for the mobile marketing industry.

Customer Support

We are available to assist you via chat, text, email and offer 24/7/365 phone support.  Christmas eve at 8pm and you need help?  No worries, we’re here.


PeachText has grown from a basic text message promotions company to a full-blown mobile marketing solutions provider.  Our SMS management application offers social integration and interactive features – And we have the to knowledge to help make it work for your business.


PeachText offers the lowest per message rates in the industry while still delivering the best platform and service.


With more then a decade of marketing experience we’ve become experts in the field of mobile marketing having worked with organizations of all sizes.

Personal Touch

We build relationships with our customers. We want you to succeed and feel that understanding your business and goals will help us create a plan that is just for you.


Though we love helping you succeed, you have complete control of your account, keywords, services and lists – 24/7/365 to create and design however you wish.

Who We Are

Our parent company, Wholistic Digital, LLC was originally founded as a boutique style digital marketing agency with Restaurants, Insurance Agents, Real Estate Professionals and those in the Night Life industry as our predominate clients.  As the years pasted and consumer mobile technology began to impact how the world communicated we began to carve out our niche for ourselves; swiftly becoming an organization with a diverse list of client verticals.

Our staff consists of a diverse mix of professionals from variety of disciplines ranging from digital marketing, programmatic advertising, copywriting, graphic and visual design, animation, video production, audio engineering, as well as web design and development; and believe it or not we bring this vast array of skills to the table when we work with each client.

We come from modest beginnings but boy do we have a story to tell and we’re still writing it.  Hopefully you’ll come onboard for the ride and allow us to teach you what we know about not just text message marketing but digital marketing as a whole.

Who We Help

Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops, & Nightclubs
Retail, Small Business, Insurance & Real Estate
Churches, Religions Organizations, Non-Profits & Political Groups
Salons, Spas, Barbershops
Auto Dealers, Auto Repair
Leisure Travel Vacation Industry